Casablanca [closed]



Rating: 4/5


35th/36th and Spruce


Across from Quad




11:30am-4:00pm (M-F)


Casablanca continues the tradition started by Rosa's of having Asian women cooking non-Asian food. This wonderful Mediterranean food truck serves the same food as Rami's and Magic Carpet without the long walk or the long wait, respectively. It's prices are slightly higher but still competitive and the food gets prepared very quickly. The proprietor's falafel-wrapping job could have been better, but I would still recommend stopping by if you were in a hurry and on Spruce. -AG

Bang for the Buck

Sun, 01 Sep 2013

Quality: 5, Convenience: 5, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 4.
This is by far the best Middle Eastern food truck I\'ve found so far on Penn\'s campus. Serving sizes are large and unlike many other trucks their chicken is juicy and flavorful. Don\'t miss out on Casablanca! -Ben Franklin

m5TK2uNIxBY Wed, 07 Aug 2013

Quality: 4, Convenience: 4, Speed: 1, Friendliness: 2, Bang for the Buck: 3.
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Tue, 13 Nov 2012

Quality: 2, Convenience: 5, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 5, Bang for the Buck: 4.
FYI: I went to culinary school, so my criticism is legit. I thought this place was great. The portions are huge and the price is reasonable. The food tastes good, but it\'s not hard to make food taste good. The baba ghanoush comes from a can. Other things probably come from cans, such as the grape leaves. Also, she also did not have some of her ingredients on an icebath--health-code violation, but that is to be expected at just about every food truck. Those ar e my only complaints. My huge meal filled me up and I thoroughly enjoyed it.\n\nI will say that Flying Carpet, down the road, is more home-made, cleaner, and healthier. The food may actually taste better at Casablanca, but that\'s because she uses commerical products full of sodium and isn\'t vegetarian. -Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin on Mon, 23 Jul 2012

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 5.

Good stuff! Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Quality: 4, Convenience: 3, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 4.
I always passed this cart because I saw Asian people running it, but I decided to try it today and am amazed at how good this is and how much food you get for your money. These are among the largest sandwiches you can get from a food cart. I got the Kefta with an extra grape leaf. Everything was fresh and tasty. The spicy sauce has a good kick to it. I will return! -Clare

Cheap and Good Fri, 14 Oct 2011

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 5, Bang for the Buck: 5.
I had a lamb gyro and it was terrific. Tons of meat, yummy sauce and a good price. I saw someone complain about the poor wrapping - I think it\'s just because it was overflowing with food. :-) -Mandy

AG on Thu, 14 Feb 2008

Quality: 3, Convenience: 3, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 3.

Casablanca Thu, 14 Feb 2008

Quality: 4, Convenience: 3, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 3.
The chicken kabab sandwich was much better than I expected. The kabab itself was delicious, but the sauce kind of drowned out the taste a bit. Nevertheless, Casablanca is a solid option for Mediterranean food, particularly non-vegetarian. -Abhi
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