Khan Hotdog Cart [closed]



Rating: 3.5/5


35th/36th and Spruce


Next to Upper Quad


American, Sandwiches


7:30am-6:00pm (M-F), 7:30am-6:00pm (Sa)


Best grilled chicken sandwich on campus. Prices are very reasonable, but it may take a while if there's a line. The guy who works there (presumably...Khan) is not very friendly but will recognize regular customers. -AH

Bang for the Buck

Awesome.But where is He!? Thu, 31 Mar 2011

Quality: 5, Convenience: 5, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 5.
Coming back from ROTC stuff early in the morning and getting Khan's $2 sausageeggeandcheese saltpeppercatchup is the best part of my day. $2 come on man... that's amazing. He always gets my business because he is open nice and early. Also what seems like unfriendlyness I think is just awkwardness... and he probably doesnt speak english. One time my attractive girl indian friend walked by while I was waiting for a sandwich and he flipped out and said creepy things in half Pakistani. Quite a character. Also never give him any bill bigger than a 10. He might rob you. Sadly I think he is out of business. It's been almost two weeks since I saw him last. -Kevin

fast and friendly Sat, 12 Mar 2011

Quality: 4, Convenience: 5, Speed: 5, Friendliness: 5, Bang for the Buck: 5.
The hot dog with chili I got was as good as a hot dog can be and I only had to wait for a minute. I really was surprised to read all the reviews about his "unfriendly" persona; he was very talkative. He even cracked a few jokes and asked for my name (and gave me his, but I didn't catch the first name-his last does seem to be Khan). Then again, this is spring break, so maybe he's just more relaxed. -Penn Squirrel

Good chicken Thu, 13 Aug 2009

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 4.
The Grilled Chicken is good. At some food trucks, the chicken doesn't look like real chicken - it has a weird texture, the result of using lower quality meat. Here, the chicken looks much better, and tastes better. -Ben

Count Your Change Tue, 04 Aug 2009

Quality: 1, Convenience: 3, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 1, Bang for the Buck: 2.
The few times I've been there, Khan has ALWAYS given incorrect change to people in front of me that pay with 20s. I've seen two people point it out to him and he gave them a dollar without a word or "sorry.." as if he had been caught and he just wanted to move on. The food is very greasy and Khan himself is uncharismatic. -Swindled

Breakfast Sun, 26 Jul 2009

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 5.
Breakfast at Khan's is the best deal in Philadelphia. Freshly scrambled eggs, beef bacon and cheese on a long roll for $2.00! Where you going to find a deal like that? I agree with other posters that the proprietor may seem unfriendly, but he actually will crack a smile and warm up if you make an effort to connect. He sometimes even rewards friendliness with and extra slice of beef bacon on your sandwich. You may want to avoid the coffee however. Not the best, but a small price to pay for convenience. Besides your going to need an icy diet coke to cut the grease from your sandwich. Grilled chicken for lunch is tops as per the other posters. Salt, pepper, ketchup, lettuce, tomato? Be sure to know what you want before you step up or risk invoking the Wrath of Khan!!! -Drew Scoot

It's all about the meat Fri, 12 Sep 2008

Quality: 4, Convenience: 4, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 4.
All of the comparisons betweens Hemo's & Khans are a bit misguided. Their respective grilled chicken sandwiches are two entirely different experiences. Khan's sandwich is all about the chicken. He uses thicker chunks of well-seasoned white meat and the result is that the meat is juicier and more akin to real grilled chicken than the sauteed chicken Hemo's uses. Khan's sandwiches are good without any condiments whatsoever, but I will agree that a Khan's sandwich with Hemo Sauce would be the best lunch on campus. The other great thing about Khan's is the generous portion size. I've never been hungry after one of his sandwiches. Khan may sometimes seem impatient and may even seem rude, but I appreciate the fact that he doesn't suffer fools or rude customers gladly. If you treat him with respect, you'll receive it in return, and it will be real, not some phony customer service tactic. You may wait longer than other places because he is a solo act, but the line is usually shorter than at other trucks. -Scott

Terrible Tue, 26 Aug 2008

Quality: 3, Convenience: 1, Speed: 1, Friendliness: 1, Bang for the Buck: 3.
The food is ok, nothing special. However, the food takes wayyyy too long. Even when the line is short, don't be deceived. Unless you order a hotdog, you're still guaranteed to be waiting for awhile. And even if he recognizes regulars, Khan doesn't give a hoot about them. Me and my roommates went every other day before our morning classes for two semesters and he would give us change in two dimes and a nickel (even when he clearly had quarters). He also uses Sriracha sauce (that red bottle of hot sauce) which used to be fine until he started diluting it with water. Are you serious? And even though I went so often, when I would walk by with Hemo's he'd stare me down and next time would give me beef for that. Unacceptable that he expects that I eat at Kahns every time. -Franklin

Fri, 13 Jun 2008

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 5.
Amazing prices. You can get a (great!) chicken sandwich, pretzel, and any juice/soda for $5. So awesome. And the chicken really is fantastic--so much better than Hemo's oddly airy stuff. If only Hemo's sauce could be put on Khan's Get the chicken sandwich with the sweet peppers and onions. Forget the cheese. Delicious. -Ben Franklin

Grilled chicken!! Sun, 13 Apr 2008

Quality: 5, Convenience: 5, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 5.
Awesome prices! This is the only food cart that hasn't increased his prices in the past year. The grilled chicken is my favorite, and he doesn't charge for extra toppings. He may seem unfriendly, as the other guy said, but I think it's because of the language barrier. This is one of my favorite food carts, and definitely one of the most underrated ones on campus. -Ben Franklin

rli on Sat, 12 Apr 2008

Quality: 3, Convenience: 4, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 2, Bang for the Buck: 4.

Objective Fri, 04 Apr 2008

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 4.
Grilled Chicken! Enough said. Takes a little longer than a Hemo's grilled chicken but he puts some great spices on it. -Foodtruck Fiend

Wed, 02 Apr 2008

Quality: 4, Convenience: 4, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 5.
He only appears unfriendly because of the language barrier. But if your try to talk to him he is quite nice. He just gets bothered by people who dont respond promptly when he asks them to order. But grilled chicken is damn good. If you go there when there is less rush you can expect to get out quickly, but since he is a one man operation he gets bogged down for up to 15 - 20 minute waits during rush. plan ahead. -regularcutomer

my review Tue, 01 Apr 2008

Quality: 5, Convenience: 3, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 5, Bang for the Buck: 3.
Khan is like my best buddy! You just have to talk about Pakistani politics with him and he opens up. For real. Nevertheless his food is good. "Oaanions, laitus, tamatoe"~AHR -AHR

Abhi on Thu, 10 Jan 2008

Quality: 5, Convenience: 4, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 2, Bang for the Buck: 4.

Aman on Thu, 10 Jan 2008

Quality: 4, Convenience: 4, Speed: 2, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 4.
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