Vienna Beef House of Dogs [closed]



Rating: 3.5/5


37th and Spruce


Across from Upper Quad Gate




10:00am-3:00pm (M-F)

Bang for the Buck

WpvNLHQWXDAK Wed, 07 Aug 2013

Quality: 1, Convenience: 1, Speed: 2, Friendliness: 4, Bang for the Buck: 3.
I went Thursday evening. It ealsiy beats the other one. Covered dining area, room for a dozen trucks, off-street parking. I read somewhere that it will have an indoor sitting area, too. The only drawback is the parking lot is too tight. -JLCB0i1gOCE9

9bJZFZxA Mon, 05 Aug 2013

Quality: 4, Convenience: 5, Speed: 4, Friendliness: 3, Bang for the Buck: 4.
Shiver me timbers, them\'s some great inmatforion. -d4c470JN7

Ben Franklin on Sat, 26 Sep 2009

Quality: 4, Convenience: 5, Speed: 3, Friendliness: 5, Bang for the Buck: 4.
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